Writing your first research paper: directions from seniors

The seniors always rate the experience of writing their first research paper as the most nervous moments of their educational career. They do get excited about the task when they start their undergraduate degree, but when the real time comes, then all this excitement turns into a very daunting experience just as a worst nightmare could do to anybody. They count on their days and want this time to pass as quickly as possible. But at the same time all the good and average students as well are concerned a lot about their grades as this is the most important things that they will take with them into their professional field. If they have done well in their final year project, then the things will be much easier in their practical field. Their job interviews will go fine and who knows that their first interview turns out to be a successful one just because of the quality of your paper.

What experienced people have to say about research paper?

The seniors who have gone through the ranks know all about the dynamics of writing a research paper. Their tips can be useful even if they had not done well in their own paper. But, their bad experience can also be an example for the upcoming students who are due to take on such crucial task. The students at their end should try to learn from their seniors. Apart from their teachers, they must also approach different people who can be their friends, elder siblings or anyone who has gone through the experience of writing a dissertation. Every point counts and even a small tip can make a huge difference in your work and it might make things a lot easier. So, keep all doors open and let all the information flow in. You can decide later as which tip or suggestion from the seniors is useful and which isn’t.

Tips from seniors to the upcoming research students:

The following is a list of some of the most vital tips which every first time thesis writer should follow:

  • Topic Selection
  • If this thing takes days then let it be. Give it enough time as much as you can but your final topic should be very solid and something that inspires you to write or research on. Check a topic from all angles and only finalize when you are sure that you have enough information about it from start till the end.

  • Reliable sources
  • You will need to refer a lot of sources during your thesis, which you have to acknowledge in your bibliography as well. Make sure that the sources are reliable, and you have double checked their authenticity. Your supervisor will definitely check that whether the sources were genuine or not.

  • Be Organized
  • You need to be very organized all through your dissertation writing work. Your research notes should be well organized which can be easily referred at the time you begin with your writing task or otherwise it will be a huge waste of time.

  • Brainstorming
  • Brainstorming is a never ending process during such tasks. Right from your topic selection till you hand over the final report, you need to brainstorm a lot of ideas that are relevant to your paper. But most important of all is to brainstorm for devising out a comprehensive and a well structured outline.