How To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper- Expert Tips

Research papers are necessary for you and they will help you develop your knowledge and writing abilities. Most of the students don’t like working on them, but with time and practice they become good at this. Besides the main text, you will also have to write other elements like the abstract for the research paper. Here are some expert tips to help you write it:

  • Don’t copy paragraphs from the composition. Many students want to finish with the assignment as soon as possible, so they copy a few paragraphs from the main text and they change a few words. While this might be comfortable for you, your professor will notice it immediately and he will think that you are cheating. Make a small effort and write the abstract from scratch; in the end you already have the information that you need, you just have to arrange it in a good way.
  • Don’t use quotes and references. Of course, you used all this in your research paper and this is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you also use them in the abstract you will not have anything more to offer in the main project. Try to keep it as simple as possible; it has to be a resume of your paper, not a similar composition.
  • Keep it short. If your research paper is over ten pages long, you can make a one page abstract but not more than this. You don’t want to waste too much time for this when you can use this time to find some new information to present in front of your classroom.
  • Don’t motivate your choice or describe the topic in debt. You will do all this in the essay, not now. In the abstract you have to mention briefly why you wrote about this specific thing and what does it mean for you. After this, move directly to the ideas that you explored in the text.
  • Don’t bring any new information. Under any circumstance you are not allowed to present different ideas in the abstract and in the main text. All the ideas need to be found in both parts, but presented in a shorter way in the abstract. For this, you will have to learn how to use simple words instead of complicated terms so you can avoid definitions.