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Biology- Related Research Paper Topics

Choosing a research paper topic is something that can be stressful at some point. When doing a research on biology, it can even more hectic. Certain principles must be applied in order to have a successful research. Key to all these, is choosing a topic which you are interested in. the following are just but a few research questions you can try venturing in.

  1. Can children with Down’s syndrome live to old age? In this topic research about the genes that cause Down’s syndrome, how they can be modified to allow the children live to old age.
  2. What are the advantages of nanotechnology? Basing on this topic, discuss the advantages of nanotechnology and how it can be applied in daily lives.
  3. What are the scientific ways of dealing with human phobia? Here research on how different people respond to their fears and ways to proper handling of phobias.
  4. What are the advantages of sleep? On this topic, research on the different stages of sleep and how limited sleep has effect on productivity and health.
  5. Do herbal medicines cure diseases? Basing on this topic research on the different compounds in herbal medicines and if they match with those in manufactured drugs.
  6. Do chemical methods of family planning have any effects on health? Research on the different chemical methods used and the compounds they contain. Check whether they are toxic in any way.
  7. Is homosexuality a genetic trait? On this topic, do genetic profiling on homosexuals, investigate family history.
  8. What are the effects of repeated abortions on future pregnancies? Research on most women who have undertaken abortion especially commercial sex workers.
  9. Could obesity be a trait that is genetically inherited? On this topic perfume genetic profiling on obese people and establish whether there genes for body mass.
  10. Could Ebola virus be used as a biological weapon?
  11. What are the effects of using anti retroviral drugs? Research on the different ARVS in and their effect on the users.
  12. What are the causes of cancers? Base the research on the lifestyle of people with cancers prior to the infection.
  13. What could be the possible cure for HIV/AIDS?
  14. What is the effect of vaccines on health? Investigate health status of those who have been administered a certain vaccine
  15. Which plants can boost human immunity?
  16. Can concordance be induced as a cure for AIDS?
  17. Why are viruses more resistant to elimination than bacteria?
  18. What are effects of nuclear on living things?
  19. Is there a possibility of HIV/AIDS being transmitted using insects as vectors?
  20. What is the effect on man’s intellectual since the introduction of the computer?