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How To Come Up With A Good Argumentative Research Paper Topic

Are you looking for argumentative research paper topics, but can’t find one that you can are comfortable with? Then you should look for examples online, or use some unique ideas. When you have a proven methodology of choosing a topic it’s a lot easier. With that thought in mind, here are some ways of coming up with high quality topics:

Select A Theme

Choosing the theme is simple, but it can be confusing because of how much choice there is. A rule of thumb is to choose a topic that you know a lot of information about, because it is of interest to you in your personal life. This means the research phase will be short, since a lot of the information will already be in your head.


To get you going here are some great examples of topics for your argumentative research paper:

  • - Is cheating in education becoming a bigger problem
  • - Is the school day too short?
  • - What is the best way to solve the problem of cyber bullying?
  • - Should the price of university education be reimbursed by the government?
  • - What can the government do to create more jobs in the private sector?
  • - How can the health service be upgraded to provide more for less?
  • - What should be the minimum driving age?
  • - What can be done to promote sports activity in schools?
  • - Is technology great for education, or is it a distraction?
  • - How will robots change society in the future?
  • - Who have been the most notable sports stars of the last decade?
  • - What age should kids have access to smartphones?
  • - Should the parental controls for the internet be made stricter?
  • - How would you describe the line between fiction and truth?

Additional Places To Find Topic Suggestions

You can find more article suggestions at directory websites that have hundreds and thousands of topics. You could also find a directory that has a section devoted to the specific theme that you are targeting. This allows you to find topics that related to your interests.

Another great place to find topics is educational websites that have a stockpile of examples. These can be found using the search engines. Before deciding on a topic you should create a shortlist of around 7-10, and then remove them one by one through a process of elimination.