15 Powerful Research Paper Topics About Psychology

Writing a good paper in psychology should not be something that you need to worry about. Of course the only thing that should bother you is whether or not you can convincingly deliver a paper that will get you the best marks so far, but the topic is not supposed to be something that you get so concerned about at this level in time. Herein are some titles that you can work with, which should give you an easier start to your paper.

  1. Discuss the involvement of psychologists in the interrogation process within the military and whether this goes against human rights.
  2. There have been concerns about parity in the level of health care for mental patients, discuss.
  3. Criticize the work of a famous psychologist that you have studied, with an emphasis on their career, theories and their explorations.
  4. Discuss some of the challenges that are faced with the Milgram Obedience Experiment.
  5. Discuss some issues that arise in the Stanford Prison Experiment that should be addressed with caution.
  6. With a view to abnormal psychology, explain some of the challenges of psychopathy.
  7. Discuss why cases like eating disorders are getting higher during out age and time.
  8. Depression faces lots of people, but most people learn to suppress it to move on with their lives. Explain some of the challenges that suppressing depression brings forth to the individual.
  9. There are different phobias that are persistent with the human race. Discuss 5 unique phobias that are not commonly prevalent in the society.
  10. Explain how borderline personality disorder manifests in the life of normal individuals.
  11. Discuss the concept of seasonal affective disorder, and how it affects families.
  12. Explain how the prevalence of social media networks has led to an increased sense of antisocial personality disorder.
  13. There have been claims that individuals who normally take selfies have a disorder, a personality crisis and self-esteem issues that can at times be shrouded or hidden until things blow out of proportion. Explain this statement, with reference to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  14. Discuss how dating networks like Tagged and OK Cupid affect the personality of the individuals who have created profiles on these networks.
  15. To what extent should parents allow their children to own and use smartphones? What is the appropriate age at which a child should be allowed full control over a smartphone and other devices such as tablets and smart watches?