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Writing A Research Paper On The Matrix Structure: 5 Helpful Hints

Why a research paper on the matrix structure is important?

If you are assigned to write a research paper on matrix structure, then take it as a challenge to prosper your managerial learning curve. How you organize it, the way you conduct your research, your findings and your conclusion- all of these will play crucial parts in your paper. During the time of your job interview, this paper can fetch you brownie points.

5 helpful hints to succeed in your research paper regarding matrix structure-

  • Choose the most appropriate sub-topic
  • Matrix structure is all about how a multiple reporting structure exists in an organization. You don’t need to focus on it as a general subject as you won’t be able to explain such a complicated concept within limited words. It’s better to narrow this down in pertinent sub-topics like- the relation between matrix structure and the output of an IT organization or how it works in a specific government department.

  • Raid the library
  • Unless and until you don’t visit the library, you won’t realize how enriching a source your institutional library can be. There you can go through the various management books, scholarly journals, encyclopedia and many more resources. To get a prominent idea about matrix structure, there is no better source than using a library coupled with the internet.

  • Do some ground-work
  • To deal with such a practical topic, going only through the printed texts is not enough. You need to get down to the ground and get your hands dirty. Try to schedule appointments with HR bosses within your vicinity. In this respect, furthermore you can leverage the contacts of your mentor or any of your friends. Speaking with a manager who implements matrix structure day-in and day-out in his/her organization- will be a real eye opener for you. Record your conversation by noting it down or by taping it.

  • Structure the outline
  • In all probability, your department should give out the validated format for submission. But from your part, you need to draw an outline also before beginning the real work of writing. Noting down your all material will come handy in this respect. Sort out what you will put in introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusions. Jot down several drafts before writing the final copy.

  • Incorporate discipline in writing
  • From creating a time table to keeping a dictionary beside you, from maintaining the habit of writing everyday to revising your final draft several times before submission- discipline here is the key for success.