Beginner’s Guide To Writing Acknowledgements For A Research Paper

A research paper takes a lot of work and reading before you can present something valuable. You want to impress your professor, so anything that could help you in this process is useful. Some of the extra elements that you can present to leave a good impression is an appendix, an acknowledgement list or a quotations page. All these are important if you want to have a good project, even if they are not mandatory. Writing acknowledgements is not necessary, but it is polite and appreciated, so do your best to complete it in good way.

  • First of all, decide if you will mention yourself as the only author or if you had another partners. If a classmate helped you with some research, it’s not necessary to mention him as a co-author, but you do need to acknowledge his help. On the other hand, if your professor had a significant role in the creation of your text, you might want to write this from the first lines.
  • Do not mention citations or quotes. If you quoted a random person in your paper, this does not mean he must be on this list. In the same manner, any book that you studied for your text should not be presented here. You will create a separate piece where you can describe your research methods and any quotation or reference that you might have used.
  • Use a pleasant tone. Even if you wrote your research paper in a formal tone, using academic expressions, this piece can be written in a friendly way. In the end, it’s something personal between you and the people who helped you in your work. Do not be afraid to use subtle jokes or friendly expressions. You might want, however, to use the same format that you used for your primary text.
  • Write a sentence about each person that you mention. This does not have to be only a list of names, and a “thank you” at the end. For example, if you talk about your classmate, you can mention another time when you collaborated with him. If you mention the name of your professor, you can write down how much you admire him and appreciate his help. Remember that this is supposed to be a polite gesture, so make sure that you don’t mention anything that could embarrass other people.