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How To Make Your Research Paper On English Literature Stand Out

A helpful guide for making your research papers on English literature stand out.

What is a research paper?

A paper could be an academic or scholarly paper, a term paper, a thesis or a dissertation written for academic publishing or scholarly writing.

What is not a research paper?

A mere recapitulation, summarization, synopsis, abstract or outline of the primary, secondary, tertiary or other sources is most definitely not a research paper. Unless a good measure of individual interpretation from the writer is involved, the writing does not qualify as a research.

What is a research paper on English literature?

This kind of work would typically engender a good measure of understanding, interpretation, analysis, and presentation of works of English literature. A final result from the research on the particular topic about the work of English literature is typically expected as one of its primary purposes.

What are the types?

As such, they can be dichotomized into two broad categories which are as followed:

  • Argumentative: An argumentative approach engenders an introduction by the writer about the purpose of writing with the commencement of the paper, identified as a thesis or an anti-thesis statement. In short, the writer makes an argument then defends it.
  • Analytical: Such an approach is driven by analysis, measurement an evaluation of topics and issues included or encountered in the work of literature is a series flow in stead of explicit declaration as in the argumentative approach. Briefly speaking, the author makes a conclusion at the end after evaluation of all aspects of the work.

Some helpful tips to bear in mind…

  1. The correct tense is important. The correct tense is the present tense. Any tense but the present tense will only make the reader tense.
  2. Subjectivity should be kept at bay. Just because it is literature it does not mean that you can just wing it. Literature is much more complex and has well defined structures, respect them.
  3. Write in third person, and absolutely do not write in first person. It is unbecoming as a researcher. Never ever use I, you, us, we, or me. It is always they, the narrator, the author, et cetera.
  4. Do not simply paraphrase the text to pass it off as your work. People are not morons, not all of them. Be honest with the work for true success and respect.