Interesting Research Paper Topic Ideas For College Students

The field of research is a seemingly very broad discipline. But at heart, across every subject, there are relationships that can be explored, and assumptions that can be tested. In that vein, here are some interesting research paper topic ideas across a number of disciplines for college students.


Modern science has used p-values to demonstrate statistical significance for decades, but this is falling out of favour. If we sampled some famous studies and applied Bayesian inference instead, would the results still be the same?


The Milgram obedience experiment was a series of social psychology experiments that investigated people’s willingness to obey an authority figure by harming other people when told to do so. A startling number of people complied with the order given by the authority figure. How can we use these findings to prevent atrocities like genocide from happening in the future?


Concrete shows properties of fluids. Can Maxwell’s field equations be applied to the curing of concrete?


The Sapir Whorf hypothesis indicates that people are constrained in their thinking by the language they know. If we teach people different foreign words, do they show different thinking patterns? Could this be used to people’s minds to improve their creativity and encourage innovation?


We no longer simplistically assume that people are rational, as we now have enough empirical evidence to prove that most people are not rational all of, or even most of, the time. If we teach people how they are irrational, does it counteract their biases? Can this method be used to improve the state of the global economy?


Employees almost universally complain that management doesn’t communicate with them often enough. Is there evidence of any companies that buck this trend by keeping channels of communication with their employees wide open?


Alternative medicine has always been extremely popular across the world, and is set to remain extremely popular for many years to come. What if traditional practitioners were to sell alternative medicine, and vice versa? What insights can we gain?


In areas hit by disasters, natural or man-made, people remain insecure and feel unsafe for years, and sometimes even decades. How can communities regain their sense of security after a disaster?


The infinity concept is an abstract concept that defines something that has no limit or end. It has been studied for many years, but researchers continue to investigate its many complexities. What is so significant about the concept of infinity?


In China, individuals cannot actually own land. Rather, they may purchase transferrable land-use rights. How does this affect property law in China in general?