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How To Organize A Research Paper Conclusion And Recommendations

In any given research paper, the conclusion and recommendation section is very key. This part should not be left out at any cost as it determines the completeness of the paper. Since there are students who need help in composing this section, the information in this article is important to them. Simply adhere to each of the points outlined below:

Identify all the major ideas in your paper and list them

Of all the things, you first need to identify all the major ideas that define thesis statement of your research paper. It can be hard to get all the ideas you want to write about if you have not conducted a prior research. Therefore, this is a direct indication that research is a must do thing. Use relevant materials to study the topic given and note down all the information including major ideas. Simply avoid being wordy and simply be straight to the point.

Use linking words to fix the ideas

After you have the whole list of all the key ideas used in the text, you have to link them up into a paragraph by simply employing appropriate connections. Make sure that the sentence you formulate makes sense. You do not only have to consider logic in linking the words but also between different statements and even to the previous paragraphs. Make sure that none of the statements you formulate is controversial.

Join up the statements into a paragraph

After you have joined up brief ideas into sentences, the next thing to do is to link up the sentences to form a paragraph. In this case, all sentences should be in a summarized form so that the number of words used is few. Avoid writing a very lengthy conclusion because it makes your work unattractive.

Take a stand

As a writer, you need to take a stand about the side you decide to be. The stand you take should focus on the topic and also, should rely on the position you took while composing the introduction. If you adhere to these two, everything will be okay.

Give recommendations by listing and numbering them

Now that you are through with the conclusion part, you have to give your recommendations. Normally, these are based on the results that are obtained after the research. They are simply the author’s commends on what needs to be done in order to better the situation.