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Interesting Ideas To Discuss In A College Research Paper On Music

If you are assigned a college research paper on music, you have a vast choice of topics available. The subject is broad, so you can select something that you are truly interested in. It is recommended that you consider writing about something that you have some prior knowledge about. However, you can also choose a brand new topic. By doing so, you will learn something new and improve your research skills.

How to Choose a Music Research Paper Topic Idea

It is a good idea to answer several questions, write down the answers, and formulate your research paper topic. The helpful questions are the following:

  • Have you ever played a musical instrument?
  • What musical skills do you have, if any?
  • Do you have a favorite music genre?
  • Would you like to pursue a career in music and art?
  • Do you have a collection of music recordings that you like?

You will save you time by answering the aforementioned questions. It is recommended that you select a topic somehow related to your expertise. However, if your experience in the field is limited, you can simply discuss one of the sample ideas provided below.

What Interesting Ideas to Consider in Your Assignment

Using sample research paper topics is helpful if you get stuck, so do not hesitate to select one of the following interesting prompts:

  1. Write about the most inspiring singer of your time and explain why you think so.
  2. Analyze why potential singers with a great talent often fail to become popular.
  3. Find out how deaf people understand the notes and play music.
  4. Show the similarities and differences between classical music and heavy metal.
  5. Describe the relation between culture and music. (Provide specific examples.)
  6. Argue the statement that music can cure different health conditions.
  7. Discuss the relation between depression and music genre that an individual listens to.
  8. Explain why different people prefer listening to different genres of music.
  9. Define the key features of a popular song.
  10. Describe what modern technologies are used in the music industry.
  11. Answer the question what messages music can deliver.
  12. Analyze why people all over the world get influenced by songs in different languages that they do not even understand.
  13. Consider the role that music plays in advertising of different goods and services.
  14. Define what skills a professional musician should have.
  15. Compose your paper about unconventional music. (For example, write about Celtic or alternative rock music styles.)