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Interesting Research Paper Topics In Law: Top 19 Ideas

With more and more individuals becoming interesting in a legal career, perhaps the best place to start is by conducting research on topics related to law. There are certainly a plethora of viable options and places to begin, so this process does not have to laborious. The key component of completing a successful research paper on a law-related topic is to choose an area that is of interest to the person writing, and one that has a legal precedent either established or in the process of being decided. Choose a topic that is too obscure or controversial, and it might be difficult to define a well-reasoned argument. Instead, opt for a topic that enables you to write a well-reasoned response based on current available research and literature in the area. Consider the following list of 19 possible research paper topics in law as a great springboard towards getting started.

  • Legality of Withholding the Truth from Patients Who Are Dying
  • Doctor-Assisted Suicide
  • Right of Access to Experimental Drugs for Patients who are Dying
  • Should Juveniles be Executed
  • Does the Death Penalty Apply to Individuals who are Mentally Handicapped
  • Is it Permissible to Televise Executions
  • Legality of Same-Sex Adoption
  • Immigration Rights Issues for Gay Partners/Spouses of US Citizens
  • Legal Definition of Property Rights for Gay Couples in America
  • Current Legal Standing Relating to Women in Combat Situations
  • Federal versus State Minimum Wage Laws
  • Legal Restrictions on Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Laws Relating to Wildlife Trafficking and Poaching
  • Current Legislation Regarding Biometric Data Retention for Passport Holders
  • Laws Governing the Gathering of Foreign Intelligence
  • Laws Relating to Online Privacy Issues
  • Adoption Law in the United States
  • Regulation of Bitcoin as a currency
  • Updates on the Right to Peaceful Assembly

Each of these topics affords the researcher an opportunity to delve into not only existing legislation, but also to examine prevailing sentiment throughout society. Legal issues are often fluid and change with the times, and research into any of these 19 topics will afford the writer the opportunity to engage the reader and present a well-reasoned argument either in favor or in opposition to current legal precedent. As you conduct your time and energy into writing and finding information, examine the intent behind the legal system needing to decide such issues as a way to educate the reader on the rationale behind the importance of discussing and digesting each issue.