A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics In Cell Biology

Writing a cell biology research paper is not an easy job. It implies conducting a strong investigation on the topic and presenting the results supported with evidence. Obviously, the primary thing you have to do is to pick an interesting and relevant subject to explore.

Choosing Your Research Paper Topic: Useful Tips

Basically, the topic you select can either cover the fundamental questions in cell biology or relate to the current trends in this field of science. You will definitely need to use a lot of sources to get enough information for researching the issue. Ensure that you can make your investigation profound by checking out the available materials on the Web and in your campus library in advance.

A good idea would be to ask your professor to give you some suggestions on what subject to choose or where to look for a good one. Moreover, you can also get advice on the appropriate literature and discuss your overall strategy together.

The important thing to remember is that your time is limited. That means you must be sure that your subject isn’t too wide so that you can manage to explore it and write your paper within the given timeframe. When you’ve narrowed the possible issues to discover, you should evaluate which one is more appealing to you. If you still experience problems, look through the sample topics from the list below and select the one that you like most.

Best Ideas for Your Research Paper in Cell Biology

  1. The cell as an elementary organism.
  2. History of cell biology: cell theory development.
  3. The chemical composition of the cell nucleus and its functions.
  4. The life cycle of a cell.
  5. Methods of human stem cell derivation.
  6. The biological significance of mitosis and meiosis.
  7. Stem cells and their role in cancer therapy.
  8. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells: difference and comparison.
  9. The law of genetic continuity. Mendel’s laws of Heredity.
  10. Liposomes as carriers of active substances: applications in medicine and cosmetology.
  11. Regenerative medicine: cardiac and neurological applications.
  12. Cell cultivation techniques: extraction of specific substances, cloning.
  13. Human cloning: biological problems and possible solutions.
  14. Cell organelles and their pathology.
  15. The types and causes of cell death and differentiation.
  16. Cell therapy as a promising method of the body rejuvenation.
  17. The Hayflick limit theory of cell aging.
  18. Cell receptors in pharmacology. The concept of agonist and antagonist.
  19. Energy and plastic metabolism of the cell.
  20. Structural and functional characteristics of cancer cells.