A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating subject, with many different subsections relating to the overall field of psychology. Therefore, when it comes to writing a research paper, there are many different topics that you can write about. In fact, choosing a title can often be relatively difficult, not because it can be tough to think of something to write about in the first place, but because you might struggle to narrow down so many great ideas.

Nevertheless, it is of course still possible to struggle to think of things to write about and if you are finding it a struggle to think of a topic for your paper, then you may wish to consider the possibility of using various brainstorming techniques. Furthermore, it may simply be the case that you need a bit of extra inspiration and, in order to help you with this, it can be beneficial to read essays and academic papers that have been written by other people. Equally, you may wish to look through various articles on the Internet, as well as in magazines and other publications related to psychology.

For some further thinking, you may wish to read through the ideas listed below, to see if they help to inspire you in any way.

  • In what way is symbolic interpretation used in the field of psychology, and how effective is this method when it comes to analyzing individuals?
  • Outline and discuss the various ways in which psychologists attempt to measure intelligence, as well as what difficulties can be faced, particularly in relation to defining intelligence compared to knowledge
  • Compare and contrast physiological and biological processes that can influence the mental functions of an individual
  • Outline and discuss the importance of ethics in the field of psychology when it comes to treating and analyzing individuals
  • How effective is counselling when it comes to helping students and people of a young age, and what differences should psychologists be aware of, compared to treatments that might be used with adults?
  • Discuss the history of psychology, and how it has developed over the decades
  • Is psychology adequately funded, or should more be done to help ensure that people receive psychological care?
  • What problems do psychologists face when trying to diagnose someone with schizophrenia?
  • Discuss the use of technology in relation to modern day cognitive therapy treatments
  • How is psychology used alongside other fields of medicine in order to help diagnose and treat patients?