How To Come Up With Catchy Research Paper Topics In Nursing

Writing a research paper on nursing takes time and effort. To create the best paper, students should begin working on the topic as soon as it is assigned. By doing the research early, the student ensures that they have plenty of time to write and edit the document. Before the research process can even begin, the student must think of a good topic. To get started, students can consider the following tips.

Read Through the Textbook

Often, essay assignments are intended to focus on things that the student learned in class. Due to this, the course's textbook is a great way to begin looking for a topic. Students should read through the sections that they have already worked on in class. As they read, the student should write down any ideas that seem interesting. Later on, the student can narrow down this list to the ideas that they like the best.

Ask the Teacher

Normally, teachers will assign specific topics or subject areas for the student to write about. If this is the case, the student can find a nursing topic by just reading the writing prompt. When a specific topic is not assigned, the student can always visit their teacher after class or during office hours. Teachers often hand out the same assignments each year, so the teacher may have examples from former classes available. Even if example essays are not available, the teacher may be able to direct the student toward specific topics that would be interesting.


When everything else fails, students can always spend some time brainstorming about the topic. To begin with, students should get a timer, a pencil and a piece of paper. Setting the timer for ten minutes, students should write down any topic ideas that come into their mind. They should not worry about the quality of the ideas because the list will be narrowed down later. Once the ten minutes are up, the student can go through the list and cross out the worst ideas. They can further narrow down the potential topics according to the materials that are available in the library, the length of the paper or other details. While a broader topic will generally work best for a long essay, a narrow topic is ideal for a shorter document. When the student has found the perfect topic for their assignment, they are ready to begin the research and writing process.