A List Of Unique Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Medical anthropology looks at the concepts of health, medical care, and other health-related issues in a social and cultural context. It is an interesting field of anthropology that covers a range of fascinating topics. If you are to write a research paper on medical anthropology, remember to pick a perfect topic idea for your paper that is both interesting for you and unique.

Choosing a Unique Topic

While it won’t be a big problem to find something that interests you in the field, it may be a challenge to pick a unique topic. All of the medical anthropology topics have already been explored and widely discussed. However, if you focus on one specific facet of the subject, you have more chances of being original. For example, do narrow research on one specific disease or explore approaches to medical treatment and health in a specific region. You may also compare theories and practices in two or three cultures or countries. A narrow focus will make your research paper unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

A List of Topic Suggestions to Choose From

  • Stress as a cause of a disease: how do doctors interpret this theory in America, Europe, and Asia? What diseases are considered to be caused by stress in these regions, and how do their treatments differ?
  • What theories of supernatural disease causation exist in Africa and how feasible are they?
  • What is the nature of animistic disease causation (the loss of a soul or a spirit aggression) in African and North American tribes?
  • What are the views as to the causes of a cold in different cultures? How do approaches to medical treatment depend thereon?
  • Chinese medical system: how do Chinese healers treat patients and what is the role of illness prevention in the system?
  • What is the role of meditation in the Ayurvedic medical system?
  • Why is the Greek medical system considered to give birth to biomedicine?
  • What aspects of the Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems are used in the Unani medical system?
  • Ethnobotany in medical anthropology: what plants and herbs are used to cure diseases in different cultures?
  • Ethnozoology in medical anthropology: how do different cultures assess the healing properties of animals?
  • To what extent is the health care industry of your country commercialized? What factors influence the process? Is the globalization of medical resources for good or for bad?
  • Are there diseases that belong to specific cultures without being described by clinical medicine? What are they?