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Research Paper Topics About Sports: 20 Fresh Suggestions

Sports is surely one of the most fascinating topics for a research paper. But it doesn’t mean that writing about sports is going to be easy. The first step is to decide what you are going to write about.

Suggestions that May Start Your Research Paper Off

  1. Drugs in sport.
  2. There have been a lot of scandals around the use of drugs in sports recently. What’s an underlying reason for this?

  3. Sport injury recovery.
  4. Write about preventing injuries and treating them.

  5. Careers in sports.
  6. Some athletes make millions in sport. But what about others?

  7. Women in sports.
  8. Write about the challenges female athletes face. Are they paid as much as their male colleagues?

  9. Coaching.
  10. Analyse the role coaching plays in sport.

  11. Sports and politics.
  12. There have always been a lot of politics around great sport tournaments. Why?

  13. Sports in culture.
  14. Dozens of fictional books and movies are dedicated to sports. What has made sport so attractive for people in the arts?

  15. Sports medicine.
  16. What is sports medicine focused on?

  17. Concerns in football safety.
  18. Football fans are getting increasingly more violent. How should the problem be solved?

  19. Corruption in sports.
  20. Expound your views on the latest denunciations. Why has sport become a dirty business?

  21. Racism in sports.
  22. Some kinds of sport are still being dominated by white people. Is it discrimination?

  23. Essentials of sport training.
  24. What makes training effective?

  25. Money in sports.
  26. Who makes more money in sports? Athletes? Coaches? Sport outfit companies?

  27. Are some kinds of sport overrated?
  28. Some sports seem to draw much more attention than others. Why?

  29. The cost of prestige.
  30. Countries fight to host Olympics and World Cups. Is it worth spending billions?

  31. Price of fame.
  32. Does the performance of athletes become better as they get more fame?

  33. What to do later?
  34. What do athletes do after completing their career at the age of 35?

  35. Sports and child development.
  36. At what age is it healthy to start training professionally?

  37. Sports and health.
  38. Sport is often associated with better health. Is it right considering the exercise stress athletes experience?

  39. Technology in sport.
  40. Does technology make a referee’s work better?

A Couple of Tips on Writing

Once you have chosen a topic, do the research using different sources. Having done so, make an outline of what you are going to write. It will help you to stay focused while writing. Make sure your paper has a clear thesis supported by everything you are saying. Also, don’t forget to proofread the paper once you’ve completed it.