Top 27 Unique Research Paper Topics About Food

There are loads of research papers online that are specifically written about food. Some of them are an interesting read as it educates us about the various nutrients and benefits of consuming them. We eat food every day and it is good to have knowledge about what we should eat and not. In fact it will enhance your knowledge if you know about what food items to consume and what to avoid maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The top 27 unique research paper topics about food are mentioned below:

  1. What is the American diet? Just eating a long snack
  2. How could a gluten-free diet benefit you?
  3. Jewish dietary regime
  4. Organic foods and its benefits
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming coffee
  6. The history of corn
  7. Malnutrition and its factors
  8. Chocolate – the sweet indulgence
  9. Timings to eat right
  10. The multiple benefits of being a vegan
  11. Organic VS. non organic foods
  12. Ethnic foods and its history
  13. History of meat eating
  14. Dieting – Does it really help?
  15. Mineral and vitamin consumption and its effects
  16. What is BMI? Is it still relevant today?
  17. What is Psychological hunger?
  18. Wine consumption while dieting- Is it a good practice?
  19. Different types of eating disorders
  20. What is food allergy? The different types of food allergy
  21. Importance of fibre in our body
  22. What are micronutrients and its role in our diet
  23. How to combat obesity in children
  24. What is iodine deficiency disorder? How to treat it?
  25. Foods to eat and avoid for anaemic patients
  26. Butter vs. Margarine
  27. Complementary feeding benefits

Writing a research paper is not an easy task though. You should do a thorough research so that your research paper is comprehensive and well written. All the aspects of the topic should be covered. Information should be presented in an interesting manner so that the reader is captivated and reads the research paper till the end.

Choosing a topic is the first step to write the paper but how you treat the topic is completely subjective. You should begin the research with interesting facts and data. There is really no dearth of information online what you should explain the perspectives properly so that the reader understands it completely. Your research paper will read well if you do not deviate from the primary topic.