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Some Good Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

Finding a topic for a research paper is always difficult. It may be even more so when students are in middle school since writing a paper is a huge undertaking and responsibility. Many times the teacher will have a list of possible topics from which a student can pick from, but this is not always the case. Some teachers may not even narrow down the subject. If you are having difficulty with coming up with the subject of your research paper, here is a list of possible topics that can be used, broken down by the grades in middle school:

Grade 4

  • How does a horse's circulatory system work?
  • Farm life is difficult. How would you make people understand how hard it really is?
  • Why do people forget things? How does the brain lose information?
  • Why do we need to have a heart? How does it work?
  • Planes are a major form of transportation? How do they fly and stay in the air?

Grade 5

  • How to different types of cancer form inside the body? Pick three types and explain risk factors and any known cures.
  • What are black holes? Where are they located and how to they form?
  • Why is smoking so addictive? Why do people start when they know it can kill them? Should it be illegal to produce cigarettes at all?
  • Why is global warming such a concern? Is there proof that it is real?
  • How are people able to become healthier overall and live longer because of it?

Grade 6

  • Design and develop a website from scratch. How hard or easy was it to do?
  • What are the causes and risk factors for HIV/ AIDS? Why does it result in death and how can it be prevented?
  • The escape of three prisoners from Alcatraz in 1962 is still talked about today. Their bodies were never found, despite an exhaustive search. Is it possible that they may have made it to safety based on the water current and the weather that night?
  • Explain how the planets in our solar system were formed? Is it possible for life to be sustained on any of them according to current research and theories? Which one? Which planet would be the least hospitable to human life?
  • With all the evidence there is, make a case for the existence of aliens. Where are they? Do they plan to take over the Earth?