List Of Innovative Term Paper Topics On Marketing And Management

The best thing you can have when trying to come up with your own term paper topic is to have a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Marketing and management is quite a broad topic and thus, there are a lot of different categories of topics you could choose from. The following list will give you some general ideas. If you find something you particularly like, you can tweak it to make it original and unique.

  • Even with the current knowledge of the importance of motivation and inspiration, most companies fail to be able to foster these values in their employees.
  • Management must remember that team-building is more about the team members than it is about themselves.
  • How can a manager become more effective in today’s virtual world?
  • What is the scope and repercussions of workplace bullying?
  • How does one deal with a toxic boss, toxic co-workers or a toxic organization?
  • If good management is the precursor to good customer service, how can management do a better job in treating their staff?
  • How can each individual’s improved creativity help to build an organization’s creativity as a whole?
  • Are current models of effective leadership still founded on male stereotypes?
  • How can gender equality be better incorporated into this level of management?
  • Comparing the quality of service between local banks and foreign banks.
  • What factors influence the amount of customer delight experienced in banking?
  • Are family buying decisions influenced by the gender of the parent dominant in making the buying decisions?
  • What are the effects of recession on the behaviors of buying consumers?
  • Does the restaurant industry negative word of mouth rumors that cycle around?
  • Alternately, does the industry benefit from positive word of mouth?
  • An analysis of the different attitudes people have towards direct marketing.
  • How does deceptive advertising in the telecom sector affect consumer loyalty?
  • What is the level of consumer awareness about using mobile phones for electronic banking transactions?
  • When stores use a campaign for brand image how does it affect consumer response and purchase intention?

Taking a very general topic and then making it your own unique perspective isn’t too difficult if you dig down a little bit when starting your research. You will want your topic to be such that you can find enough sources yet not too general so that you can’t cover it thoroughly within the length of your essay.