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How To Come Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics About Journalism

Many students dream about being journalists, and for a good reason. You get to deliver the news to the world, to be always updated and to visit so many places in the same time. It is indeed a fascinating life, and a very interesting topic to write about in your research paper. When you analyze a subject like this, you need to have the courage to be different. Do not write about the normal things that your colleagues write about. Be innovative and original and you will impress everyone. To come up with some interesting subjects, take a look at these tips:

  • Mention your personal interest. If you want to become a journalist, say this in your paper. IT can be very interesting to write about your own desires, what made you want to pursue this career and so on. Who knows, maybe some of your classmates will be impressed by your composition and they will change their career options.
  • Say something about the most popular journalists. Of course, you can not forget to do this in your research paper. They are influential people that communicate with the entire country every single day. Many people count on their opinions and news, and they form their opinion based on what they read in the media. This means that their personality and character is very important, because it definitely influenced the public opinion.
  • What are the most important aspects of this job? What are the qualities that a good journalist needs? Try to be as objective as possible when you write about this; if you have a very unpopular opinion about a certain issue, it’s better to keep it private.
  • Show examples. Let’s say that you talk about a writing technique. The best way to present this in good way is to bring a real example, like an article from the newspaper. Your classmates will understand much better what you want to say, and almost every article can be turned into a great topic.
  • Watch the news. This is the easiest way to come up with a topic. You have to keep yourself updated and talk about the latest news in your research paper. There is no point to discuss something that happened a few years ago. Besides, you can find in very easy way information about the latest events.