How To Come Up With An Excellent Research Paper Topic About Working Mothers

It takes a really good topic to help you write a really good or an excellent research paper. When you are asked to write this type of paper, you will want to make sure that you have a topic that will have enough information on it to conduct solid research and fulfil the resource requirement set by your instructor. You may also want to consider the page or word count because you will have to write a paper on that topic that fits this requirement as well. When it comes to deciding on a topic to write about, here are some really good tips to ensure that you choose the right one.

Brainstorming ideas

There are several different ways of brainstorming ideas. One of the most effective ways is called free writing. In this method, you will just start writing down anything that you can think about working mothers. Don’t write it line to line on a piece of lined paper but rather all over on a blank sheet. This way you can draw links to similar topics that you may use as subtopics in your paper. The idea is to decide on a general theme that you would like to write about and have at least three different supporting topics that prove the main point.

Create an outline

After deciding on a topic and conducting some preliminary research, you should create an outline which is a plan on when you will introduce which topics. You will list all of your main points in the order that you will present it in your paper.

Conduct research

The next step will be to read a lot of information on your topic. Take good notes and make sure to keep a handle on the resource information for the reference page. You should keep all of the resource information in one place and make sure to keep a good note of where you get your information for the resources.


Another great way to get information on this topic is by interviewing moms. You can get some ideas on how working moms still have good relationships with their children. They can still be great moms even though they have to work to make ends meet and you can get some information on how they can accomplish this through interviewing them.