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Fresh Ideas For Your Research Paper On Analysis Of Investment Decision

If you are all set to write an analysis of an investment decision, you need to follow a step-by-step procedure for securing high scores and your PhD. Here are some fresh tips and ideas for you to submit your paper and pass your graduate exam with flying colors.

Start with an introduction to investment

First things first – introduce your readers to what is investment and how it may or may not turn into a profit opportunity. Briefly describe the different types of investors and investments. Also, give more than one definition of investment.

Mention the limitations of your study

Tell your readers what points you had missed because of time and other constraints. Also mention that the data is secondary level data in case you collected case studies from business journals and the web. If you could not obtain the actual dates when investors in your case studies got ROI, mention it clearly.

Define investment decision

While there is no standardized definition of the phrase, you may define investment decision in your own way. Also, discuss different types of investment options while writing your essay. The types should include dividends and mutual funds, different types of bonds, real estate investments, investments in business ventures, gold investments, and life insurance policies.

Define equity investment separately

You should also define equity investment options separately. For defining equity investments, you need to talk about IPOs, stocks, P/E ration and market capitalization. You should also define and discuss about stock market research, company reports, stock selling and buying, volatility and other factors.

Analyze each investment option along with case studies

For analyzing each of the investment options mentioned above, you need to bring case studies in your dissertation and analyze the specific cases of investment successes and failures as well. You may also dedicate a separate section for discussing options for tax savings. Include the professional objectives of investments and investment management aspects.

Analyze the risk factors

Every investment is subject to market risks. Therefore, discussing about the risk factors is of highest importance.

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