20 American History Term Paper Topic Ideas To Consider

Whether you live in the United States and you are studying the history of your own country or, alternatively, you are studying elsewhere and need to learn about American history, then you may well have been assigned a term paper to write.

There are plenty of topics to write about when it comes to American history, despite the relatively young age of the country. In order to think of a topic to write about, you may wish to consider what you have found interesting about your studies so far.

For example, you may have found one of the Presidents of America to be particularly interesting and, therefore, you may wish to research and write about them. Alternatively, you may be interested in the involvement of the United States in a particular war, which you might then like to write about. If you don’t have any ideas mind then perhaps the titles listed below might act as a source of inspiration.

  1. To what extent was the United States a plutocratic nation during the Gilded Age?
  2. The role that played Theodore Roosevelt in the Progressive Movement that began in the late 19th century
  3. Compare and contrast society during the roaring Twenties with that of the Great Depression
  4. An in depth study of the attacks on Pearl Harbor
  5. What role did the United States armed forces play in the D-Day landings?
  6. What effect did prohibition have on organised crime?
  7. The life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  8. An analysis of the Counterculture Revolution
  9. Economic expansion during Bill Clinton’s time as President
  10. The rise of the Kennedy family in US Politics
  11. An explanation of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society programs
  12. What caused the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression?
  13. What role did the US play in setting up the League of Nations?
  14. How did the transcontinental railroad impact on the success of the United States?
  15. What influence did the Second Great Awakening have on religious demographics of modern day America?
  16. What were the consequences of the Indian Removal Act?
  17. How did the First Battle of Bull Run changes both sides views on how the Civil War might play out?
  18. What tactics were used during women’s suffrage to help promote equality between the sexes?
  19. Was the United States justified in dropping the atom bombs on Japan to end the Second World War?
  20. Who has been the United States’ most influential President?