Picking Up Good Research Paper Topics On Vegetarianism Vs. Meat Eating

If there is one topic, that can produce lots of passion on both sides its vegetarianism vs. meat eating. That’s great news if you need to pick a research paper topic, because it provides a lot of avenues to go down. For example, both sides could make an argument as to which way is more “natural” or even “healthy”. It’s a topic that causes high emotions, and most likely you fall on one side or another. Once you decide which side you’re on, you can then pick a topic that you can get behind. Now remember, you have to research and present great arguments, you can’t just write a whole paper on how you feel, but here are some great topic ideas that will get you started from one angle or the other:

  1. Is it actually healthier being a meat-eater?
  2. For a long time, people thought that being a vegetarian was the healthiest thing you can do because there was such an emphasis on low-fat foods. Now that we know a little fat is good for you, and that some people with extreme diets can be missing out. So, is vegetarianism really the best thing to do for your health or is eating meat?

  3. What are the different types of Vegetarianism and what is truly vegetarian?
  4. This can be debated for hours! There is vegan, vegetarian, lactose-Ovo and pescatarian (among other minor distinctions people might make) Some strict vegans (no animal products at all) would call someone who eats eggs and dairy (Lacto-Ovo) a non-vegetarian, while some Vegans will eat honey or wear leather. Discuss.

  5. The Future of Eating: Will the meat be involved?
  6. Many people believe that the future of eating is not in meat. Not only do beef cows contribute greatly to greenhouse gases (think what happens when you ferment grass), but it is also very expensive to keep the kind of land needed for them to graze on and strip bare for several seasons. Add to that new technologies for growing crops and you have an interesting juxtaposition. So what is the future of eating?

  7. Does be a vegetarian provide you with the nutrition you need? Why people need to eat meat?
  8. Do humans need the amount of protein a meat-eating diet provides? Is there a way around that with plant-based offerings? Are there certain vitamins and nutrients you simply cannot get from eating only plant-based materials?

  9. Animal cruelty vs. poor farming activities: which is worse?
  10. We all know the meat industry is rife with terrible practices, but there are also awful ways that farming destroys communities and ecosystems. With the advent of humane and organic meat production, what is really contributing to our environmental decline the most?