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Understanding The Research Paper Structure: The Methodology Section

Methodology section is the important part of a research paper. It proves that you used scientific methods during your study. It’s essential to make this part as good as possible because it reveals your actual actions, rather than something made by your predecessors. This section should demonstrate how you gathered and analyzed data for your study. In this article you’ll find some tips on how to write the methodology section of your academic paper.

  1. Use past tense.
  2. When writing about your methods, you should use only past tense. It’s important to describe your actions properly and in chronological order. Using present tense may confuse your readers. Remember, using present tense is acceptable only when you’re writing about literature, and it shouldn’t be used in scientific papers.

  3. Include enough details.
  4. You should describe your research in great detail. Otherwise, your readers won’t be able to repeat your experiments. Your conclusions and results will be considered valid only if it’s possible to check them. A loose description of your actions will negatively affect your score.

  5. Explain your actions.
  6. When you use a particular method in your research, you should explain to your readers why you’ve chosen it. Find enough evidence and prove that your method is better than other ones when it comes to gathering and analyzing information related to your topic.

  7. Discuss problems.
  8. You should tell about problems that you’ve faced during your study. It’s important to inform your readers how you solved or managed to prevent them. This might help other people who work on similar studies. It’s possible that somebody will even improve upon your methods in the future.

  9. List the materials.
  10. It’s important to write about all the materials you used to conduct your study. This applies to books, technical equipment, images, testing instruments and so on.

  11. Describe your experiments.
  12. When writing about experiments you’ve made for your research, you should describe what you did chronologically and clearly. It’s also advisable to explain to your readers why you chose to conduct these particular experiments instead of other ones.

  13. Present your results.
  14. In the end of the methodology section, you should present the results of your study. Give only dry figures without your opinion on this matter. It’s important to be objective when it comes to scientific experiments. You’ll be able to discuss your results in the conclusion of your paper and tell whether they met your expectations.

These are the basic rules you should remember when writing the methodology section.