A Brief Tutorial On Writing A Research Paper Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a very important element to the overall paper you produce. In fact, the thesis is perhaps one of the most important elements as it is the item to which all other components in your final product refer. It is really the hypothesis or the single-purpose your final piece serves. Understanding the design and the methods behind it can help you to better craft one of your own.

  • Creating your thesis is something that you have to do at the beginning of your task. Without having a concrete topic in mind you will be unable to complete the other aspects of your assignment. One of the things you can do in this particular setting is to start off by writing down any of the thoughts you have about your topic. In some cases your topic may be far too large to cover in the amount of space you have your disposal and you may have to refine it as you continue to work. This is perfectly normal and is something that every academic writer has to face in the course of their education.
  • If you already have your idea in mind but you just need to better refine it so that it embodies the concept of the proper statement there are some tips you can follow:
  • Your thesis should be powerful yet distinct. The key to this is to be able to contain your main thoughts with a simple and single sentence. Take your ideas all of the concepts that you have and try to write it down in one sentence. The goal here is to see if you can first and foremost and if you can't and it requires two or three sentences to really get the idea of your paper or the purpose of your paper across, then you know that your next step is to somehow combine those two or three thoughts into a single thought.

It might help you to speak with somebody you trust like a close friend or family member. Try to work with them and see if the different single sentences you came up with for your single idea makes sense. If your recipient is unsure still of the purpose of your paper after you have explained your single sentence thought, then you might have to refine that single sentence until it makes sense.