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Choosing Good Term Paper Topics On Unemployment In Pakistan

Unemployment is one of the most nerve-wrecking problems of Pakistan. Understanding its seriousness, it has become a favorite term paper topic of many researchers.

Have a look at the prominent Pakistan unemployment term paper topics -

  1. How backwardness has become a major reason for growing unemployment in Pakistan?
  2. Why agriculture is contributing to poor economy directly and indirectly. Discuss in terms of capital intensive technology and advanced machinery.
  3. How successful is the industrial sector towards contribution of national income? How electricity breakdown is deteriorating the unemployment ratio.
  4. What is the effect of high cost and fading quality on agricultural and industrial sector? How it is related with unemployment sector.
  5. How defective education system and failure of educational planning is leading to unemployment in Pakistan.
  6. How low savings and big families are leading to low investment in educational programs and vocational training? How it is ultimately impacting employment sector?
  7. Why majority of businessmen in Pakistan become bankrupt on a massive level?
  8. How improper planning and imbalance between demand and supply has become another major reason of unemployment?
  9. What are the contributing factors towards unemployment in Pakistan?
  10. How lower availability of gas, oil and electricity is disrupting the economy leading the fall of industrial sector? How unemployment could have been prevented and industries would have been saved from closing?
  11. Why government is facing difficulties in starting good developmental projects? What is the ratio of direct and indirect taxes? How it is responsible for unemployment of public?
  12. How crises in USA, UK and some European countries are creating unemployment issues at major level in Pakistan? How it can be sorted out?
  13. How growing population rate in Pakistan has become a strong impediment in the growth of the country. How it is contributing to unemployment?
  14. The highest population growth rate of 1.8% in Pakistan is making resources limited. How it is increasing unemployment day by day?
  15. How fiscal and monetary policies are causing unemployment? Why annual budget is showing deficit every year discouraging investors with their loans?
  16. How bad laws and commandments, political instability, bomb blasts, nerve wrecking terrorist attacks and other similar situations are responsible for inconsistent economic policies leading to unemployment?
  17. Why Pakistani investors are more interested in making investments in Dubai and other flourishing countries and not in Pakistan?
  18. Why Pakistanis are interested in government jobs only and not in private jobs? How it leads to unemployment?
  19. How the incidence of 9/11 attack has lead to limited job opportunities in other countries?
  20. Why the loans of IMF and World Bank cannot offer assistance to Pakistan’s economy? Why external debt of Pakistan is increasing every year?