15 Outstanding High School Level Research Paper Topics In Music

Most students approach any type of assignment on music with zeal – in fact, they often approach the topic with so much zeal, because they have so many favorite songs and artists, that they have problems narrowing down their topic to one specific one.

First, let’s discuss how to find a do-able topic for a high school music paper, and then let’s discuss how to go about the research and writing.

15 Outstanding Topics for High School Level Research Papers on Music

  1. Rap Music in the Second Decade of the Second Millennium
  2. Country Music Now: Is it the New Rap Phenomenon?
  3. Mixed Musical Genres: How are They Affecting Music Today?
  4. What Happened to Grunge?
  5. Music of the 80s: From Cyndi Lauper to Spandau Ballet!
  6. Music of the 90s: Metal, Mania, and Madness
  7. Music of the 70s: Bell Bottom Blues
  8. The Music of Eric Clapton in (insert decade)
  9. Pick an artist and trace their influence on a popular musician today
  10. How did Waylon Jennings influence country musicians of today?
  11. Which music is the most popular amongst teens and why?
  12. Why _________ is my favorite song and what it means to me.
  13. Rap Culture Today: No More Thugs
  14. The Portrayal of Drug Culture in Rock and Rap Music: How is It Changing for the Better/Worse
  15. Glam Rock: Big Hair, Hairspray, and Spandex

As you can see, music lends itself to all kinds of creative topics and writing. The trick about writing an essay on music is to focus the essay as narrowly as possible. Here’s how.

How to Focus an Essay on Music

Music has been around since the beginning of time. You couldn’t even write a book or several hundred books and address all the music ever produced. Ever since people could bang a drum they have made music. So you need to pick a narrow, narrow focus, especially for a very short essay. For example, if you pick a topic such as “The Importance of Poetic Lyrics in Rock Ballads” – you’d have to cover every rock ballad ever written. But focus on the importance of poetry in one writer’s lyrics, and you could write a short essay on this.

Even one song by one musician could be addressed in a four page paper. Keep it narrow and interesting and you’ll do well.