International Business Research Paper Topics: 10 Good Ideas

There are few students who can make it through their academic career without ever experiencing trouble when developing a fresh research paper topic or idea. There are a number of reasons why students struggle to be original, but it shouldn’t be something about which to stress. We’ve put together these 10 good ideas on international business that you can consider using on your own or draw from for inspiration to create your own:

  1. On sexual harassment: This has long been problem in the workplace. There are seminars and courses designed to help prevent these instances, but not all cultures put as a great an emphasis as evidenced when partnerships from different nations occur.
  2. Foreign exchange market: Although the foreign exchange market is the largest of its kind in the world, there are a lot of people all over the world who don’t know much about how it works or why it exists.
  3. Landfills and environment: Businesses in waste management deal with the important issue of disposing of waste products to help people and to maintain the environment. Efforts are expensive and many companies outside of this industry don’t want increasing expenses.
  4. Farm workers as entrepreneurs: In agricultural parts of the world some small farmers are expanding and turning their farmlands into successful business enterprises that sell products all over the world.
  5. International money scams: This is a nightmarish problem for every businessman or entrepreneur. They happen at all level and usually effectively use complicated matters to swindle unsuspecting investors.
  6. International marketing: With every culture being different businesses invest hundreds of thousands to research different populations to market and sell their products to people all over the world.
  7. Identity theft: This isn’t just a crime that affects the individual but one that affects international business at a larger scale. Businesses around the world lose client trust resulting in lower profit flows that lead to layoffs, factory and office closures.
  8. War and conflict: War affects international business in several ways both negatively and positively. In terms of the economy some companies will profit while others will suffer.
  9. Work and life balance: This is an increasing problem as the demands of work life are causing people to spend less personal time with their families or in leisure. Different countries employ different strategies for dealing with this problem.
  10. Sex as a commodity: Throughout history sex as an industry has proven to thrive across all economies. Many companies use sex appeal to sell their products successfully.